Why SEO Is Important For Businesses

What is SEO

SEO for a lot of people just feels like a buzzword these days. Everyone knows it’s something they need for their business but not everyone know exactly what it is. Before we dive into why it’s important it’s best to give an overview of this marketing tactic. SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving your website and google listing to help target people searching for your business and/or services. Search Engines like Google have a full algorithm that reads through your business website to help place your site on its list. As SEO experts, we help you utilize all these “ranking factors” to make sure you get your site out and in front of people.

Why SEO is important

Increased Traffic

Google search provides some of the most organic traffic to business websites. When people are looking for a new product or service or expert they’re going to first go to Google and search that item or business in their area. By utilizing SEO, you and your business has a better chance of ranking at the top in searches and providing more traffic to your website. If someone’s looking for a physical therapist to help with an injury or chronic pain, they’re most likely going to search “physical therapy near me” and you’ll want to make sure you’re a top option with a full listing that proves you to be trusted and credible. This will give you a much higher chance at converting these leads.

Best tool for Local Businesses

SEO is essential for businesses with a brick and mortar. Pairing the keyword research with Google My Business will set you up for success with owning your local map. The Google My Business is that listing that will pop up on the ride side of Google searches and will show up on the maps as well. This listing contains a ton of information that lets people understand your business before they even get to your website. This is often times a customers FIRST interaction with your brand which means it’s essential to make a good impression. Using an SEO expert to help optimize and set up your listing is a great option for owning this digital search space.

Builds Brand Authority

An SEO campaign will help build trust and credibility for your business. Google will use what’s called “authority” as a factor in its rankings. This means it is trying to see if your business & website are valid entities that are providing content, & value to its viewers. People tend to trust the first options in a Google search so you have to put in the SEO work to make sure you show up on top. Having a Google Business Listing that’s fully utilized with images, information, & reviews shows that you have a credible business and continues to build that brand authority.

Cost Effective Solution

When building your business online and increasing your presence, SEO is one of the most affordable ways to do this. Doing so allows you to also monitor your customers behaviors which in turn can help you make strategic marketing decisions. You can also learn from your competitors to see what keywords they are targeting. SEO campaigns are relatively cheap compared to other forms of marketing. Doing this can not only lead to an increase in sales, but also builds Brand awareness and authority.

Strong Long Term Strategy

SEO is a good long term digital strategy because it builds a foundation for you and is always changing and growing. The process can be slower than a paid ad campaign but in the long run yields much better results. Compared to PPC (Google Paid Search Ads), SEO has shown to be much more effective with higher click-through rates. SEO campaigns are like building your dream house, it takes a bit longer but once it’s there, you have a foundation and can easily build off of.

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